Green Technology

White TruckCool-It Highway Services is partnered with several local and national companies, academia, and organizations to create a new front in No-Idle Technology. Our dedicated research leads to frequent new ideas and innovations. Check out our Research and Innovation and News sections to keep up to date with the latest and greatest from Cool-It and its partners!

Green technologies promise to end truck idling and cut emissions

The average diesel-powered truck in the United States idles an average of 1,835 hours each year, wasting an estimated 3,600 million litres of fuel. Finding practical solutions to this problem will save fleet operators money; and help them to meet new stringent local, state and provincial anti-idling regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas levels and the health effects from harmful emissions.

Automotive Partnership Canada has awarded $2.9 million to support the development of next-generation green air-conditioning and refrigeration (AC-R) systems for long-haul trucks, reefer (refrigerated) trucks, heavy and light duty vans, tourist buses and some emergency service vehicles.

The project will develop at least eight new technologies, including a lightweight and efficient material and installation system that provides better insulation with no degradation—a major improvement over polyurethane foam, which loses five percent of its insulation value annually.