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Hydronic 24/30/35

Description: Espar’s Hydronic 24 / 30 / 35 model Coolant Heater are typically used for the Large Coaches, Boats and Off-Road Engines. These heaters provide engine, fuel and hydraulic preheat and can be incorporated into a coaches heating system to provide supplemental heat. The first choice for those who require rapid heating when operating in “Arctic-like” climates. These heaters are available in the 24v version only.

Hydronic 5 D&B

Description: Espar’s Hydronic D5/B5 Coolant Heater offers affordable heating solutions for trucks, off-road equipment, boats and buses. It’s compact size enables a simple installation and eliminates the need for electrical plug-ins. Gasoline and Diesel versions are available.

Push/Pull Switch

Part Number: 5670007

Description: Push/Pull Switch (Used with D2/D4/D5)

Remote Starter Kit

Part Number: ESCA100235

Description: Remote Starter Kit 12 Volt (For use with 7 Day Timer)

Saddle Bracket Mount

Part Number: 25.1864.80.0001

Description: Saddle Bracket Mount (Used with D4/D5)

T Connector

Part Number: 262.31.151

Description: T Piece Connector 6mm x 8mm (Used with D5)