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12V Mini Controller

Part Number: ES221000320700

Description: Airtronic Mini Controller 12 Volt

12V Thermostat

Part Number: ES30100154

Description: 12 Volt Thermostat

Air Vent

Part Number: 1017

Description: Air Vent (Used with D2/D4)

Air Vent

Part Number: 2199985

Description: Air vent (Used with D2/D4)

Airtronic 2

Description: The D2 Heater is more compact than its predecessor, the D1LC Compact, yet has fewer parts. It is designed for applications such as cab and sleeper heating. This air heater cycles quietly through four heat levels to maintain a desired comfort setting without idling your engine.

Airtronic 4

Description: Espar’s D4 Air Heater is ideal for Small Cargo, Marine, and Large Sleepers and Cabs. This Air Heater cycles quietly through four heat levels to maintain a desired comfort setting without idling your engine.

Airtronic 5

Description: Espar’s Airtronic 5 Air Heater is designed for Medium Cargo, Marine Applications, Utility Vehicles, School Buses and RV’s. This Air Heater combines a high heat output with a relatively small size. Diesel and Gasoline versions are available.

Coolant Y Piece

Part Number: 20.2900.60.1065

Description: Coolant Y Piece (Used with D4/D5)


Description: A powerful Air Heater for its size, this heater is well suited for Full Size Trailer, Cargo and Larger Marine Applications.

Defrost Vent

Part Number: 25.1226.89.21.00

Description: Defrost Vent (Used with D2/D4)

Espar M-II Series Hydronic

Description: Espar Heater Systems manufactures diesel-fired heating systems to provide cab and sleeper heat in trucks, eliminating the need to idle the engine for heat. Espar also supplies independent coolant systems for quick engine pre-heating. These systems require no electrical plug-ins and are ideal for cold weather starting.

Exhaust Muffler

Part Number: 25.1226.89.58.00

Description: 30mm Exhaust Muffler (Used with D2/D4)

Fuel M Pump

Part Number: 22.4504.03.0000

Description: Fuel M Pump (Used with D4/D5)

Heater Box

Part Number: 25.2800.40.05.01, 25.2800.40.05.01

Description: Heater Box (Used with D5)

Hose Flange

Part Number: 20.1577.89.06.01

Description: Hose Flange for outlet grill for 60mm duct (Used with D2/D4)

Hydronic 10

Description: Espar’s Hydronic Coolant Heater is a powerful, compact and light weight heating system. It is typically used to provide engine, fuel & hydraulic pre-heat for off-road equipment. It is also suitable for providing both engine and supplemental cabin heat for buses.

Hydronic 16

Description: Espar’s Hydronic 16 Coolant Heater is typically used for the Large Coaches, Boats and Off-Road Engines. These heaters provide engine, fuel and hydraulic preheat and can be incorporated into a coaches heating system to provide supplemental heat. The first choice for those who require rapid heating when operating in “Arctic-like” climates. These heaters are available only in the 24v version only.